Peter Sagan (SVK)
Stage 2 Amgen Race Leader; Rabobank Best Young Rider Jersey Leader; Visit California Sprint Jersey Leader

On his thoughts from today's race
"Today was very hard, and the climb was very fast especially when I was on the front of the last climb. It was also very narrow on the finish."

On handling the stress of today's race and what it will take to stop him from winning stages
"I am very glad for the Amgen Tour of California. It is starting very well for me. I would like to say thank you to my team because they did good work for me."

"I don't know, maybe it takes a natural disaster. I am feeling good. I will see tomorrow (to make it three straight wins)."

On his goals for winning a green jersey in the Tour de France
"The Amgen Tour of California helps me prepare for the Tour de France. Hopefully it will help me win that green jersey in the Tour."

On his thoughts for winning Stage 3 of the Amgen Tour of California
"I don't know. I don't want to think for tomorrow yet. Tomorrow morning I will look in my stage book and start thinking about the race."

Jeremy Vennell (NZL)
Bissell Pro Cycling
Stage 2 Amgen's Breakaway from Cancer® Most Courageous Rider

On winning Amgen's Breakaway from Cancer® Most Courageous Rider Jersey
"We road conservatively, but we knew that the other riders would ride harder if we didn't put up a fight. I'm very happy to have won it."

On today's stage
"It was a very hard day. The descent off Bonny Doon was pretty scary."

On racing in Santa Rosa yesterday and in Northern California in general
"I live in Santa Rosa with my wife and my child. I love northern California and it's a great area to race in."

On his knowledge of the roads in Santa Cruz County
"I only have knowledge of this stage's roads from the previous tours. This was all very familiar to me, especially Bonny Doon; I love that area."

Ben Jacques-Maynes (USA)
Bissell Pro Cycling and local Santa Cruz County resident

On his perspective of today's race
"Bonny Doon road has been in the course previously, but more in the middle of the race. This time, it was in the beginning and not smack in the middle, so it was a little bit easier for this race since I wasn't so tired.

On Jameson Creek
"I didn't think [Jameson Creek] was that bad. I know every inch of it. I knew which blind corners to brake hard for and which ones were okay."

On today's crowd
"It was exactly what I expected; the fans came in full force. There were fans on the climb to Bear Creek Road, to the summit, all the way down the Southern California San Jose decent. Just seeing my name in chalk on the road was great."

On his strength
"I was really tired after yesterday's stage. After the stage I said that I would be too tired for the breakaway today which was true. I know my limitations on big climbs. I will be trying for breakaways again. I first have to recover well."

On tomorrow's stage ending in Livermore
"I know the Livermore area well, including Mt. Diablo. I have lots of history with this climb."

Overall thoughts about Stage 2
"A lot of the riders came up to tell me how spectacular it was to ride here, that the quality of the roads were great and they couldn't believe the size of the mountains here in Santa Cruz County. Today was the day to see the true Santa Cruz County. These roads are what make a good rider."

On the race returning to Santa Cruz County
"After a year off, I think the community was very motivated to bring the Amgen Tour of California back to the county. For me, it's spectacular. This is the biggest stage for American cycling. We're at the epicenter here today."