Peter Sagan (SVK)
Stage 3 Amgen Race Leader; Rabobank Best Young Rider Jersey Leader; Visit California Sprint Jersey Leader

On how it feels to win three stages in a row
"I don't know what to say because it's also a surprise for me. I'd like to thank my team because they did very good work today."

On his team possibly taking the day off tomorrow
"I think yes. But also winning some stages is very good and maybe tomorrow another team will win."

On if being a junior mountain biker has helped prepare him for sprints
"When I was young I rode bicycles for fun and won many races on my mountain bike and on the road. That is helping me to do downhill on the mountain bike and on the road. If it's helping me for sprints, I don't know. But maybe after I do mountain biking I'll be a better sprinter."

On racing to take the overall General Classification
"This race is very hard for me because it's a very long climb and the finish in the mountain is very hard as well," said Sagan. "But, I did very good today and this suits me. Maybe I will try harder to win the yellow jersey one more day and after the time trial we'll see."

Talking about his sprint and the final kilometer and if he did anything he regretted
"I think yes. There was a rider going in the group and I thought it was dangerous the way I was coming so I reached out to let him know I was there. In the last kilometer, when it's all sprinters together it's one thing, but when other riders come into the group, it can become a dangerous situation so we'll reach out just to make sure they know where we are."

On people talking about his potential to be a great rider
"I'm aware that people are talking like this about me but I try not to listen as I'd rather stay who I am. There are a lot of riders who've gone up quickly but who have fallen as well; I'd rather keep climbing."

Jeremy Vennell (NZL)
Bissell Pro Cycling
Stage 3 Exergy Most Aggressive Rider Jersey Leader

On his experience with Stage 3
"Today was a hard day. Bissell's plan was to be in the break today, so I am the lucky one to be here. I'm very happy with the way I rode considering the stage. There was a moment there that I thought we would stay away, and we were withholding them for a while, but we turned out in the plains there and the wind really zapped the last bit of energy we had."

On what was going through his mind in the four-man breakaway
"On the first KOM, the other two in the breakaway were playing games because they were going after the Nissan King of the Mountain Jersey. They made it very difficult for us two (Vennell and Wilson Marentes Torres). We were 'mucking' around a little bit and I had a couple of digs, and then I'm glad when I finally took them hard, we dropped those two and it made it a lot easier for us to work together."

On why the break happened so early today
"I think today, with that first climb, a lot of guys have tired legs and a lot are now worried about getting dropped. However, the ones who took the opportunity to risk it made that early break."

Wilson Marentes Torres (COL)
Stage 3 Amgen's Breakaway from Cancer® Most Courageous Rider Jersey Leader

On the feel for today's stage and being in the breakaway
"The escape went pretty well. I really wanted to get into the break today. I didn't go to the end, but it was a pretty good feeling to be there."

On winning Amgen's Breakaway from Cancer® Most Courageous Rider Jersey
"I am very happy that I won this jersey, which is a very important jersey to win in any race, but particularly in the Amgen Tour of California. I'm looking to continue to do well like I did today and taking it day-by-day and doing well once again."

Sébastian Salas (USA)
Optum Powered by Kelly Benefit Strategies
Stage 3 Nissan King of the Mountain Jersey Leader

On his team's goal for the Amgen Tour of California
"From the beginning of the Amgen Tour of California, one of our goals was to get the KOM jersey. I was in the breakaway in Stage 1, and David Boily and I had a battle over one of the climbs. I was going into the day with a five-point deficit and, once I got to the break at the start, I took the opportunity that he wasn't there and drove the break and got some points over the tail end and over Mt. Diablo as well."