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I realize if a top tube is not the perfect length, the stem length can be changed to get the correct reach. So, is there a point when the stem length is considered to short for a certain size frame?

The reason that I am asking is because the 62cm frame I am considering has the right top tube hight for me, but the TT length is a little too long and I would have the use a 11 or 10 cm stem. The bike shop fitter recommends that I go with a smaller frame (60cm, 59 cm TT) so I can use a 12 stem, which he says with match the frame size better. However I am concerned that on the 60 cm frame, I will not be able to set the handle bars higher in the future if I want to.

Is there any major disadvantage in using a stem length on a large frame that would normally be used on a smaller frame?

I plan on using my new cross bike for commuting a light touring.

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