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Remove old stem faceplate
Let handlebars hang down (or prop them up on something to prevent housing stretch/bend)
Loosen top cap bolt all the way
Remove top cap and bolt
Loosen stem bolts until they can be hand loosened
Pull old stem off
Put handlebars on new stem and tighten faceplate (just get it centered, exact angle of bars can be done later)
Loosen bolts on new stem
Put new stem on steerer tube
Put top cap/bolt back in
Tighten until steering feels normal and there isn't any "play" when you hold the front brake and rock the bike back and forth. If its hard to turn the wheel, its too tight. If you feel movement when the brake is locked, too loose.
Center stem on front wheel using the line down the center of the tire (middle of faceplate and back of stem line up nicely on the tire)
Tighten stem to steerer tube to torque requirements or to what feels tight (putting the wheel between your legs and trying to move the bars is what I do, probably not a good idea on a carbon steerer)
Recheck alignment with front wheel, readjust handlebar angle.

Lots of steps, but its really a simple process. Just redo what you took off the first time, remember to do the top cap first.
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