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J's Haiku Shop said:
there are 2 groups of moderators:

* appointed
* administrative

for general, "appointed" = yous truly. i have a day job (nights, weekends too), but come here to make sure you electon masses are somewhat satisfied.

for all boards, "administrative" = the site's administrators. meaning, those people who make sure this stuff is here for you, and they do it for a living.

i did not "sticky" more than 2 threads. the rest have been "stuck" without my knowledge. they are ride reports, and belong at the top. this is and has been the heart of RBR. try posting some. if they (the current "stuck" threads) don't have appropriate activity, they'll be pulled after 24 hours. my policy, until advised otherwise.

finally, thanks most sincerely for your criticism.


ps. please forward all questionable podium girl pics to [email protected]. thanks in advance for your cooperation.
Gee, thanks for the info.

Kato, you little wanker, quit all the stickys.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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