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Thought I would post this here. Bike was stolen from a local shop here in Charlotte NC.

Stolen Bike Alert
May 25th, 2008, 3:36pm Please forward this on to all cyclists and bike shops you know. Stolen Saturday night at 10:15pm from SouthPark Cycles in Charlotte NC was a Pinarello Prince Limited Edition bicycle in a size 53 (will have serial after weekend). Car used was a black (or very dark) Ford Crown Victoria. Suspect is white male, approximately 5’8” to 5’10, may be a second involved as driver. Please check out the following links (video footage may not be viewable? Yet). Please check out T-shirt and Shoes of suspect. It appears that theft was actually planned for Friday night but were spooked. There will be a large shopping spree involved if the perpetrator is captured alive. For all info please contact myself or Officer Hartung [email protected] . The particular bike that was stolen was only one of 50 and has the same frame as pictured in the link. It was a complete record bike with Pinarello branded Continental tires, Pinarello 50K branded carbon cranks, Pinarello branded Look pedals. If you see any of these parts listed for sale on the internet please forward all links to [email protected] . I will update info on Tuesday. This is a front view of the fellow This is the back view of the fellow This is the video (unsure if viewable yet)

Thanks in advance for all efforts in apprehending these folks!


Bart Stetler

SouthPark Cycles

5121 South Blvd

Charlotte NC 28217


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Really really sucks. Very sorry for your loss...
How did he get in your shop at that hour ???
Btw, only the 1st link is working.
For all of us who have had a prized bike stolen, I hope you nail the bastards!

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I see the video. The guy tied a rope to the door and pulled open the door with a car. Walked in and walked out with the bike.

The thief looks like some 16 year old kid. He seem to already know what he wants. Probably been to the shop during the day and scout ed out what he wanted.

Hope you catch the bastard
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