Stradalli has launched the new 2012 Sorrento SLR, a full carbon road bike with a full SRAM and aluminium wheel set, for just $1,799.99

Stradalli Cycle, the high performance carbon bicycle manufacturer, is pleased to announce the launch of its newest full carbon road bike - the Sorrento SLR. Redesigned for 2012, the Stradalli Sorrento SLR offers performance and quality at an outstanding price. The new model offers better handling, better control and better performance thanks to its new stiffer and lighter headtube.

The tried and tested frame, which is made from 100% 3K carbon fiber, is used by multiple Pro race teams. Meaning that Sorrento SLR owners get a world class carbon fiber race bike for the price of an aluminium road bicycle.

The high-modulus carbon has a tensile strength of 50 tons per square cm. This allows Stradalli cycle to build a light, but yet stiff, frame which includes a curved aero wind shelter for the rear wheel giving lower wind drag.

"The all new 2012 Stradalli Sorrento SLR is the most affordable bike we have ever made," said Thomas Steinbacher of Stradalli Cycle. "But we refuse to cut corners on quality, which is why the Sorrento comes with a full SRAM group and Stradalli aluminium wheels."

As one of the most advanced full carbon road bikes on the market the Stradalli Sorrento SLR offers incredible value for money. With its full carbon fiber frame, SRAM group and exceptional wheelset, this is probably the best price in the world for a bike of this quality.

About The Stradalli Cycle Company
The Stradalli Cycle Company is based in South Florida and sells worldwide to the keen athlete who demands the best equipment. With years of experience in both high tech manufacturing and design as well as a love for cycling, Stradalli brings passion and innovation to the road racing and time trial markets.