Sync your Strava account with your Competitive Cyclist account and earn $1 in store credit for each hour ridden.

Sync your accounts and then earn $1 in store credit for each hour ridden.​

Ride your bike, earn cash. That's the slogan of a new program launched this week by popular social sharing platform Strava and on-line specialty cycling gear retailer Competitive Cyclist.

By syncing your Competitive Cyclist and Strava cycling app profiles, consumers can earn $1 of in-store credit for every hour of ride time. Credits are deposited into your Competitive Cyclist account within 24 hours, and expire on the last day of the following month they are earned. You can receive up to 40 credits ($40) per month. Credits accumulated are automatically applied to your next purchase and multiple credits can be combined when placing an order.

"We all dream of being a pro and getting paid to ride," said Noah Singer, senior product manager at Competitive Cyclist. "This is as close as most folks will get, and winning isn't even a requirement. It's pretty simple, earn $1 per hour you ride and use it towards the things you need to keep going."

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