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I need advice about where to get advice.

I recently suffered a stress fracture on the outside portion of the ball of my left foot. My feet turn out quite a bit (at the hips) and I walk and run across my foot, from the inside of the heel to the outside of the ball. When I bike, it seems that I put a lot of pressure on that area, hence a stress fracture.

The fracture seems healed now but I was a big pain, literally and figuratively. On the advice of my podiatrist I started using LeWedges on my left foot to angle the foot and try to take some pressue of the outside. Now I'm getting funny twinges in my knee.

Here's my question: Whom do I turn to with this issue? I don't know if my LBS knows enough about fitting a bike to my odd body. On the other hand, I don't think my podiatrist knows enough about biking. He's a runner, not a cyclist. Are there people out there who know both bike fit and body mechanics and if there are, how do I find them? I have a Softride frame that I want to build up but I'm afraid of starting until I get some good fit advice.


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