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Its ok

I have the same noise, from my polar sensor.
Friend of mine told my to spray the sensor with anti electronic spray, as they use in electronic factory & noise goes away.

I try & its work.

JAragon said:
I started hearing this clicking noise coming from my fork area and it started to drive me crazy. I listened to my front hub, but it wasn't there. I thought it might be the brake rubbing, but nope, good clearance and a perfectly true wheel. Turns out, everytime the magnet passes the sensor on the fork for the computer, it makes a click. This did not happen on my old cateye I had on my MTB (which is no more thanks to the hot Phoenix sun).

So whats the deal? Is this normal? Do I have a dud? If it is normal, this computer is going the way of the dinosaurs and I will get a GPS system instead. I mean seriously, that click seems to just amplify through my frame.
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