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krustyone said:
I have been fighting something for a few weeks and the doc decided to treat me for Lymes. I limited my rides and have missed 3 weekly group rides, yesterday I said " I'm just gonna do it!" and met up for the ride, some back roads in rural WI. I was sooo not ready but kept up for about 12 miles then slowly drifted off the back. About 15 minutes after I lost sight, I was struggling up a slight incline and, positive my brakes were dragging, pulled over to check. As I was spinning my wheels and huffing I hear "didja run outta air?" and now I'm thinking I'm hearing things, too, because I'm in the middle of nowhere. But pretty soon I see an old man with a bucket and we start talking, just shooting the breeze, it was cool and I got a nice break. Bill told me about his old bike and was amazed at the difference and all the gadgets I had on mine then he tried to sell me a truck but I had to get home before it got dark.
I don't know that I had a point, just a tale to tell...
I didn't meet "Bill", but I was fighting something about mid August last year. My infectious disease specialist finally decided to treat me for Lyme disease at the end of September when I could barely walk anymore, had terrible night sweats, and could only stay awake for 3 hours at a time before I was completely exhausted. I didn't get back to some type of normalcy until the end of October and was about 90% by mid November. I was off the bike from August 30th till March 20th, partly because I just couldn't ride it from August 30th until early November, and the rest because I was WAY behind on my workload.

In mid September before I went to the doctor, I tried to ride the bike to see if it would help my swollen feet and knees and if it would help relieve the pain I had in them. I put what would normally have been an easy 15 minute workout (i.e., warmup) and I was done and could barely make it upstairs to bed.

Over a 2 month period, I saw my general practitioner, an orthopaedic surgeon, an infectious disease specialist, a cardiologist, and a rheumatologist. Total number of doctor visits was 10. I had blood taken 6 times and the blood work cost $5,000.

The Lyme test came back negative 3 times before they finally decided to treat me for Lyme disease anyway. I even got into a discussion with my general practitioner about false negatives and how they can happen for 6 months to a year.

After it was all said and done, they have no real diagnosis, but think it might have been Lyme disease, reactive arthritis, or a kidney infection. I still get pain in my feet once in a while, but nothing like I went through last year and I can live with it.

Good luck fighting whatever you have and I hope you have an easier go of it than I did. Me, I'm still trying to get back to how fast I was on the bike last summer.
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