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On the 4th, our little neighborhood here in Houston had our annual 4th 'ride.' From the park at the back of the neighborhood to the neighborhood pool/park at front.

This 'ride' would be known as a 'fast' ride, as the elevation change is probably less than a foot. It would be fast, if not for our local firetrucks, a pack of elementary school kids, and a troop of boy scouts controlling the peleton from the front with a speed of about 6mph.

Here is a pic with me and my two-year-old passing on the right - quite daring. Also, us getting dropped off the back. The trailer is motobecane made in france. The mtn bike is 'salvaged from local creek and painted like a cow.' The jersey was from our VA MS150 team a couple yrs ago. The helmet is not ANSI certified. -PJ
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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