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I'm looking to get my custom lugged steel frame and fork repainted, and I'm hoping to get some suggestions from you wise folks. It's still in great shape, and I ride it regularily, so I'd like to get it done properly.
Thanks in advance

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no, no,no!

old frames don't need new looks. what want to repaint the Mona Lisa in some fly gear?
Joe Bell or CyclArt both in S.D. are the places to go with older frames. Spectrum does nice work and are cheaper but if it is a 'classic' old frame I'd go with either of these 2.

Not meaning to pick a fight with the comments above - but.

I will say it depends on what the bike is and what the bike means to you whether you want to send it someone like Joe Bell or Cyclart.

For "special" frames, frames with nostalgic meaning, etc. Go ahead and spend the dough.

For steel frames that I have re-finished here ( am just about to get a Dave Moulton repainted) I can go to one of three places locally.

The VW dealer's body shop has a guy that specializes in bicycle painting and they will do a beautiful job on a frame and fork for $150.

There is a Custom Chopper fabricator in town that will bead blast and custom paint but it's pricey. The paint is beautiful but $$.

There is another body shop that specializes in "hot rods" and "custom work" and they have a painter in house who will do a bike frame with an airbrush, including detailing lugs and etc for $200. A lovely job.

Check around locally and see what resources you have before sending it off and spending some big dough.
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