From the Sugoi Spring 2010 collection, Gordon Wright shows us some of the latest road specific clothes from Sugoi. Shown here are the RSE bib shorts and jersey and a couple of super light weight outer layers.


-The RSE bib shorts feature a brand new FX chamois, with added mesh inserts for ventilation.

-RSE jersey is made for hot weather and is extremely effective at transferring mosture away from your body. Made with Gobi and Vector Stretch fabric.

-Hydrolite Jacket with pit zips keeps you from looking like you have an apocalyptic rash

-Helium, durable water resistant fabric that is SUPER light weight. It weighs 1.12 ounces per square yard of fabric, this complete jacket weights only 3 ounces. I held this jacket in my hands and it felt amazing.

Helium Jacket:

More Sugoi photos:

Details from the Official Sugoi Product Launch Press Release:

SUGOI Presents Spring 2010 Line

SUGOI Performance Apparel, a division of Dorel Industries Inc., (TSX: DII.B, DII.A) is proud to present the Spring 2010 collection - a collection that features cutting-edge fabric technology, performance-based comfort and a significant advance in compression fabrication.

SUGOI's product line is categorized by Equipment and Culture, demarking premium-quality race and training apparel from casual and lifestyle pieces; no Equipment is more advanced than the company's expanded Race and Recovery (R+R) compression line.

"Compression fabrics have been embraced by a wide range of athletes, and we've spent five years putting compression innovation in our products," notes SUGOI President Stan Mavis, "The performance benefits of compression have been proven, and with the Spring 2010 line we're introducing proprietary fabrics and manufacturing processes that will redefine the category."

NEW for 2010: SUGOI's R+R line is centered on Piston™ fabric technology, which uses polyamide-based materials that boast the lowest weight per square inch available in warp-knit compression fabric. Combined with the company's proprietary PowerKnit process, 3D ergo fit panel zone construction and using an ultrafine 36-gauge knitting process, Piston™ fabrics provide exceptional performance and recovery benefits.

The super-light Piston™ 140 is used for upper-body garments, while the denser Piston™ 200 makes up lower-body garments including calf guards. The R+R line provides performance benefits to athletes over a range of sports including running, triathlon, cycling and more.

Specializing in compression technology for over 10 years with DuPont Lycra® and Dow XLA®; Dr. Michael Hunt, PhD states: "SUGOI has a proven history of incorporating the highest level of technology and materials within their lines, and the new SUGOI R+R collection is no exception. All SUGOI R+R compression garments capitalize on focused compression with SUGOI Piston™ technology, and provide athletes with graduated support, which increases circulation and reduces the chance of injury."

SUGOI's new RSE collection is an advancement on the multi-award winning RS series; the ultimate in technical cycling apparel. Advanced chamois technology, breathable tight knit fabrics that cut through air and specially applied zone construction allows the RSE series to promise incredible performance.