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I have a pair that is over 4 years old...

They are well-made and strong as hell, probably best bang for the buck I've ever gotten out of a piece of clothing. They've slowly become thinner (kind of suprised me how cold they were when winter hit this year) - but never ripped despite a couple good wrecks in early season races. I still use them in spring and fall or as an extra tight if it is super cold out. They have a very wide useful temperature range and withstand colder temperatures better than you might think, but don't expect them to perform like the waterproof Sugoi version or Pearl Izumi amphibs when it is 34 degrees and raining. And they are still comfortable to wear up to 55-60 degrees or so. I've raced with them several times before I could afford leg warmers and they worked okay.

They aren't a flashy tight and don't make claims with fancy cutting, but I never had any problems. I will take good quality fabric and stitching any day. The ankle zippers are good quality and still work better than my Pearl Izumi zippers did when new. I also use them for skiing or even running if it is very cold out, but they seemed cut for cycling to me. Perhaps this was because I mainly cycle in them and they have molded to that position, I don't know. I have a pair of Pearl Izumi amphibs that I'm lukewarm about, especially given their cost. I also tried the waterproof Sugois and thought they felt strange. Have also used other brands like Bellwether, Hind, Performance, and old Cannondale, but nothing expensive like Castelli or Assos.

Bottom line is that these are probably the best-made and most versatile tight you can buy, especially in this price range. Their sizing is accurate, slightly small if anything so I'd get the next larger size if you have stocky legs or on a size borderline.
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