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Sunday ride... anyone want to join?

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Ill be going on a ride sunday morning, and looping two rides together while meeting up with some friends along the way. If anyone would like to join please let me know. Total mileage is not determined yet but will be around 75-85. I will be leaving from my house to do an early ride with one of my friends then splitting off from him and meeting up with some other friends riding a little later. Our pace is not intense but not easy (well I guess that depends on how strong you are) we ride together most of the time and usually split up on hills and regroup at the top.

Ill be leaving my house by Los gatos around 7am and riding out towards Mckean rd. then over bailey back in over Metcalf then down San Felipe where I will be meeting up with my other friends around Aborn.
Then out to Milpitas through warm springs to mission then Mission out to niles canyon around to Calaveras then back in.

If your free and want to ride feel free to join me. I feel like we are lacking the community feel on this board as compared to MTBR, when I know its a mix of all the same

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So I just mapped it out. If you leave with me in the morning the ride will be 101 miles with only around 3300ft of climbing. Or feel free to meet anywhere on the route.


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