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OK, so a few people mentioned that they would like to know when rides are happening in SC--Some folks are doing the Mountain Challenge, but some of us are doing other rides.... I'm doing one on Sunday starting in Soquel heading out to Elkhorn and back thorugh Watsonville--about 60 miles with some moderate climbs. Meeting at 8:30 at Soquel High School--rolling at 8:45--all are welcome. Be self supportive. Here's the ride:
Soquel to Elkhorn to Watsonville---60 miles

Leave from Soquel High
Cross over to Paper Mill
To Bridge to Main to Soquel 0.6 mile
Soquel to Freedom 5.1
Freedom to L on Bonita 1.4
R San Andreas 1.9
R Manressa Beach (RW) 0.2

Cont San Andreas 5.0
L Beach 0.1
R Thurwacher/ McGowan 1.1
L Trafton 2.6
R Salinas Rd--Bear L onto Elkhorn 0.3
R Elkhorn Rd 4.7
L Castroville Rd 3.0
L San Miguel Canyon 1.0
R Echo Valley Rd 0.5
L Maher 1.1
R Royal Oak park (RW) 0.4

R back onto Maher 1.8
L Tarpey (WF) 0.0

R San Miguel Canyon 3.1
R San Juan 0.8
L Murphy 1.3
L Riverside 1.4
Bear R Carlton 3.2
L Lakeview 1.2
R college-- Holohan-- Airport 4.1
R Freedom 7.3
L Soquel back to the school 5.6

About 60 miles in total with cut out points to make it in the 30's if
you're tired or pressed for time.....

I'll have route maps at the start....
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