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Sunken nuts

  • What are sunken nuts?

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  • Never use the provided sunken nuts... I have a box of the longer nuts on hand

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  • I just take it to my LBS when I have this sort of problem

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  • Use them all the time - ultegra on my retro fixie looks so cool!

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Now that I have your attention, I have thoughts about sunken nuts on front brake calipers and I want opinions.

I am doing my first bike build and I have hit my first snag. The sunken nut that Shimano puts on its Ultegra group front caliper would not attach these to much of anything these days other than a steel fork.

So I'm off to find longer nuts (not hard to find, I just did not know I would need them)

But my quiestion is, does anyone regularly use the sunken nuts that come with the calipers? It seems to me these days just about everyone is running carbon forks which all seem to need longer nuts.

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Well something just clouded my sky: if anyoane would sell carbon forks around this place, there would probably be no way to tighten brake calipers onto them. This because I haven't seen any "longer" nuts around. What does this mean: they are actually longer than the shimano ones, in order to compensate for a too short front brake caliper axle? (no i'm not living in the jungle:) )
I am using the shimano nut on my alum fork and have used it on a standard lugged steel fork before that and it seemed ok.
But than again, the fork crown is in both cases of not very wide (measured form "front" to "back" of the fork), and therefore does not require any sort of longer brake axle/nut

Good luck,

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I believe the correct term you are looking for is "recessed nut." Also, my Shimano 105 caliper I bought for my track bike to use on group rides came with three different lengths so I would have thought all new retail brakes came with them.

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I ran into the same problem so I went to the LBS and got me a longer one. That's about it, really. Oh, and it's always fun to see some guy rummaging through the workshop for fifteen minutes to find a 2-dollar part. :D
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