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bike you ride?
I did put that in my profile...but yes, happy to share more about myself.

That first post was a bit hasty, I admit!

Been riding since the mid 80's, probably 90/10 road to mountain. I was in the bike industry for about 12 years, 7 as a custom builder and 5 as a shop manager. I've been in law enforcement since 2002.

Current bikes are a '12 Roubaix 1.0 for the road and a Voodoo Wanga for the dirt. I've lost count on how many other rides I've had though!

These days I pretty much ride against my Garmin and in groups when my schedule permits. But I've done everything from raced back when it was still USCF to ultra marathon stuff. I also wrenched on RAAM twice.

Looking forward to reading up on some of the posts in here.
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