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keep rubber side down
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Hi. I'll make this long story short...
It's very easy to complain, but often we don't make the effort to celebrate the good stuff.

For many reasons, (change of job, second baby arrival) I delayed taking care of a very frustrating problem: I purchased a wheel set from I took a chance on a nice light, strong repairable set at a good special deal for the quality (Alchemy E.L.F front/DT240s rear and ceramic grade 3 bearings, on Mavic OP)

Upon mounting the wheels, I noticed a small play at the front. I thought it would settle in as I knew the hub is not adjustable. As it did not go away, I put that aside, full of frustration and disapointment. I sent an email, but somehow nothing came out of it... (could have been my mistake sending to a wrong address, who knows) I thought I was stuck with the wrong bearings or just a stupid end of batch (hence the incredible price for value) "Serves me write for buying on the internet" I thought.

In the last weeks, (over a year after purchase) I sent another email TOTALLY disenchanted and assuming they gave me the wrong bearings. Chuck Panaccione answered quickly and very professionnaly. "We know the problem" he said. "It's not the bearings, but the wrong axle spec'd or manufactured, I'll have a new one sent to you asap".

I got the new axle yesterday. Even when I proposed to pay for shipping (I was too excited to have a solution!), I got the delivery free of charge.

The wheel is fine, Alchemy and Superflycycle are absolutely top in my mind, and I'll buy again from them.

This is not a "sponsored" post, I'm in Montreal, Québec and just another fellow cyclist and RBR member wanting to show my appreciation for the great service even after such a long period of time. He was there for me.

Thanks Chuck!

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Yep...same experience here from Superfly. I got an Enduro BB from them and it had a bad bearing.
Sent an email to Chuck.
He said to send it back. I did so.
It came back inside of a week via FedEx with TWO new bearings pressed into the cups AND a Superfly t-shirt.
Nothing but good stuff from them!
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