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Final Bikes:
Cannondale Supersix Hi-Mod 56cm (DI2 / SL or Ardennes) $6449
Scott Addict R1 54cm (DA / SL or Ardennes) $5400
Scott Addict R2 54cm (Ultegra / HED Ardennes) $3599

All 3 shops said they’d swap out the SL’s for Ardennes for no price change. R2 quote includes swapping out Elites for Ardennes. Elites to Ardennes = 130g diff (.286 lbs)

Did 8 -15 miles on each bike (rode 7 bikes total, but Madone & Felt didn’t make the cut). Different routes though due to shop locations. All 3 bikes seemed about equal (to me anyway) in stiffness and power xfer.

Supersix (on Ksyrium SL’s @ 115psi) seemed smoothest of the bunch though I’m not sure the roads I was on were as rough as those I took the Addict’s on. The Addicts (rode both SL’s @ 100psi & Ardennes @ 90psi) were also the end of the day and I was starting to get a bit sore. Did NOT like the bars on the Supersix though so if I go that route will likely get them to put on something like the Richey WCS EVO (that I liked on the Addict R1).

Ardennes seemed a bit smoother and more comfortable than SL’s and Elites (tried Ardennes on both Addicts as well as stock Ksyriums).

DI2 is definitely cleaner shifting than others and I like that brake levers are solid on DI2 (like SRAM) instead of wiggly on DA. No noticeable difference in DA and Ultegra shifting though of all the hoods I rank the fatter DA over either DI2 or Ultegra which are skinnier.

Aesthetics (stupid, but…)

Supersix (Red/Black/White) has most appealing paint job. Not thrilled about Yellow/White/Black ‘Columbia team’ colors (or old team colors?) of R1 (actually OK with colors, just don’t like fact it’s the team colors). R2 (Red/Black) is kinda boring but OK.

Supersix is 56cm and only has minimal seat tube above top bar (collar is about middle of S on FSA). Looks kind of funny, though rode well and I didn’t feel too stretched out. Fitter put a +17 stem on Addicts (I’m 50 so I guess not as gumby as I used to be) which looks funny.


Just started back riding seriously last year on my old 1970’s bikes (Reynolds 531 / DA). This year I’ve been riding my son’s REI Novara (Alum / 105). This morning I’m sore all over from yesterdays riding and wondering if that’s because all of these bikes are a lot stiffer and less comfortable than the Novara I’ve been riding (for me it’s hard to tell in the less than 10 – 15 miles I did on each) or because of the miles and intentionally finding rough roads and bumps to go over and that all had Fizik Arione seats (vs my softer Bontragger that in hindsight I probably should have put on the test bikes).

Tough tough choice. Amazingly far more difficult than choosing a car for 10 times as much or a house for 100 times as much. Liked all of the bikes. DI2 seems the best ‘deal’ and I do like the shifting but part of me wonders if the smarter choice would be the lesser expensive R2 for now and maybe consider upgrading in a couple of years after spending time on a carbon frame (and I assume cost of DI2 will come down by then?)

Any input appreciated!

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Keep test riding until you figure it out. I'm not intentionally trying to give wise arse advise so don't take it that way. None of can feel what you feel on the bikes or have the same financial restrains or lack of.
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