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I am currently a category 4 rider in phoenix, az...just points away from upgrading to a 3. I ride for a collegiate team, and will be spending my entire summer in WI (Oshkosh/ Milwaukee area) as I have a lot of family there.

No one else from my team is doing superweek, mainly becuase of expense reasons- we've all got student budgets! Luckily, I have housing taken care of because of familly, but still that isnt convincing anyone to come with me. Im done with this semester early May, and planning to drive to Wisconsin soon afterwards, any teams up there willing to accomodate me for the summer? I just think in big races like these, it'd help to have some strategy with other people, because a one man team would be hard to pull off any successful finishes. Any referrals to teams would be appreciated; Id be more than willing to purchase a team kit.

Also, what are the popular rides in the milwaukee area, any in appleton/oshkosh area?

Any information is HIGHLY appreciated! Thank you.

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