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Trying to go from a triple to a compact. The bike is a NOS 2007 Portland, bought a week ago w/ the OEM Shimano 105 Triple FC-5603 crank & a FD-5603 front Derailleur.

1) Would I need to change anything other than the front derailleur if I go over to a Shimano R600 or R700?
2) By sticking w/ a Shimano crank, I don't have to worry about the bottom bracket being compatible, right? One ad for the R700 says that the BB needs to be a Shimano 6600 or 7800 bottom bracket.'0038-72'

If you think I'm wrong to hate triples, then buy the never-used triple & front der. from me when I list it on here or e-Bay. :smilewinkgrin: I grew up spinning on an entry-level ride w/ a 160-ft climb right outside my door and loved it. I don't need no stinking triple. :nono:
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