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So with the winter fully set in I'm finding it hard to get good training time in. Recently i've discovered that swimming at the local pool is a cheap quick way to get a workout that isn't at the gym and isn't on the rollers (Both of which i am growing less and less keen on)
How is it going to affect my cycling?
A couple things I've noticed.
-It uses alot of the same muscles but in a very different way than cycling. (Sort of a pulling vs. pushing thing that I can't really explain)
-Using the flutterboard is a good way to isolate my legs but it's harder to keep my HR up.
-The main thing I've noticed is that it teaches you fairly quickly how to control your breathing and take full deep controlled breaths. I like that.

I guess the main thing is that with the lack of road time pretty much anything that i don't hate is a good idea at this point.
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