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Swimming for cycling

I've been a competitive swimmer off and on for 40 years. Some drills you can do while swimming that will be good for the bike include the following:

Butterfly kick with a kickboard - long and slow, but steady rythmic kicking, say 100-200 yards per swim, resting 30 seconds and repeating to exhaustion. Awesome for both core strength and quads.

Backstroke kick without a kickboard. Interlock your fingers and lay them out like the bow of a ship as you kick on your back. Do the same distances as above for butterfly kick. Be careful to break the surface with your feet only minimally - all the propulsion comes from underwater, not making a big splash. Keep your hips up, head back, and your back and arms straight; your biceps should be pressing on your ears. This will work your hamstrings, quads and core.

Water Polo eggbeater kicking. Find a spot in the pool deeper than your height. Tread water using alternating legs in an eggbeater pattern. Once you get the coordination down, lift your arms up out of the water so your elbows are above the waterline. Continue repeating this in sets of 60 seconds kicking and 15 seconds rest. The higher you lift your arms, the more you have to work. This will work on your anearobic threshold as you push it.
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