Swiss Side is the fusion of Action Sports product design and development, with engineering from the pinnacle of technology in Formula 1. Combined with a burning passion for cycling and the Swiss Alps as a test ground, Swiss Side has been founded with one simple goal - to develop the absolute best cycling wheels on the market.

Jean-Paul Ballard and George Cant, the founders of Swiss Side have taken their respective experience from Formula 1 engineering and action sports product design & production and brought it to the bike wheel industry. The major focus has been turned to relevant technologies which make a real difference to wheel performance and the riding experience. Components are of the absolute highest quality, with engineering and testing done in Switzerland and produced by only the world's leading manufacturers.

This has been combined with unique alternate new age graphics & styling which is already turning heads and attracting great reviews from within the graphic design circles. As George elaborates:

"There is too much 'bland' in the bike wheel industry. We want our products to have soul, a character, and styling to suit. So our product line and graphic design was built from the ground up around this ideal. The Swiss Side family, Franc, Heidi and St. Bernard has spirit, and a life story behind each one closely related to Switzerland and the mountains from which they were inspired."

To bring Swiss Side to the market a cost effective online business was born to keep the end retail price for the customer low, but with a unique twist, the bike shop is not excluded. As Jean-Paul explains:

"In supporting the cyclist, we cannot cut out the bike shops. We need the professionals out there and they are just like all of us, passionate cyclists dedicated to cycling. Online businesses with purely profit driven concepts often make no room for the retailer. But we are different. We say cyclist first, profit second and we reduce our margins to support the bike shops in the cycling world. We will offer any retailer who has after sales service, a very competitive pricing strategy to support their role in the industry."

To compliment the online retail business, Swiss Side has a global warehousing capability which caters for worldwide distribution. October marks the active brand expansion into Australia.