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How accurate is the power and speed measurements given on the trainer?

I seem to be able to spin/climb fairly easy at a pace that I have a tough time maintaining on the road. Is there a correction factor or am I just getting stronger? I'm reading the Friel book and want to do the self tests.

Also, anyone using Netathlon? Reviews? Worthwhile?

thanks a bunch,

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Tacx Catalyst

I use the I-magic interface but ditched the "virtual"reality crap that came with it. I only use the Catalyst and Analyst software. I've been tested (Conconi) at a sports medecine lab and the results re. Power at threshold were pretty close to what I register on the Catalyst self-test. IMHO it doesn't really matter if Catalyst is giving you spot-on wattage readings because what you want to be looking for is consistent results so that you can track your progress (or lack thereof). Now, if you want to mix the Tacx results with some on-road devices (Powertap, SRM) then that is another matter.


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