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I used Custom Getaways in 2009, but on just a 4 day tour. Having broken my leg a few weeks before the trip, I didn't do any cycling, but most folks on the tour did.

The bikes they supplied to those that didn't bring their own looked quite decent, but you'll have to evaluate which method works for you (and what the costs are).

The arrangements for viewing the finishes were quite good - generally large screen TV viewing was available, as well as live finishing straight seating. Except on Mt. Ventoux - where our catered roadside location was well over 5 miles from the finish; we saw the riders pass, but had to use the TVs for viewing the finish.

I also was able to ride in a team "follow car" during an ITT - pretty exciting (but presumably a substantial extra charge - which my wife gifted to me). (If you're on crutches, they'll probably insist that you sit in the front passenger seat!)

While the whole thing was quite an experience, which I'm glad I did (there's a bunch of interesting "backstage" stuff that you're not likely to see on TV), I doubt that I would do it like this again.

First, viewing road cycling races on the scene just isn't that great. You might see a total of 30 seconds of action (for a 6 hour stage). TV does a much better job.

Second, the logistics of following the Tour require a huge amount of time and effort (possibly long periods stuck in traffic, walking long distances (from the parking to the venue) - well they were long for someone on crutches, possibly having to drive far from the stage start/end cities to your hotel, etc.). On the tour there is almost no free time: breakfast, get on bus to go to the venue (possibly cycling part of the way), hang around the finish venue for perhaps hours before the racers come in (ok, there's sometimes some free time there), hustle to the bus, on to the next hotel, dinner (sometimes quite late), bed (at least for an old guy like me).

If I was to try cycling in Europe again, it would not be associated with a huge stage race.

Custom Getaways itself seems like a fairly good tour company - they really try to give folks a good experience. We had some folks on our tour that use them every year.
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