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TdF '21 Discussion Thread Stage 12 Jul08 SPOILER ALERT

This is a 95-mile flat stage. Things very well may be similar to Stage 10. The mid-way sprinter points are just 15 or 16 miles before the entire end of this route. The competition for sprinter points will drive the pace to the mid-way sprinter points, and the desire to win the sprint will drive the race to the end.

As I have noted in earlier posts, the competition for GC has been quite narrowed down. So, the GC guys are no longer really having to "cover" the entire group. So, they can cruise along at a slower pace. The green points contest has gotten pretty hot, so there may be a lot of attacks off the front. With all of these points at the end of the stage, it is almost like double points for winning the stage.

A quite sizable breakaway may form. As long as there is no one in that break who threatens the overall GC contest, it will form. it may get a big lead over the peloton. Besides a big breakaway group off the front, breakaways should be well-covered - by teams, no less. So we may see two major groups and not much else.

The final mile and a half is zig-zag: right, left, right, left, then a short run to the finish line. Teams will be seriously fired up to be in position before this zig-zag, which will spread these guys out. Big viewing spectacle.
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