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Drink every time one of these riders (who are not in the race) are mentioned:

Any of these word combinations:
"Operation Puerto"
"Doctor Fuento"
"Saiz affair"
"Festina affair"

Bobke says "Tour Day France" (he promised he won't do it)
Liggett claims someone is a "young star" or "future of cycling"
Sherwen repeats the last thing Liggett said as a lead-in for his own commentating.

Every time someone says something along the line of "we/they/he needs to focus on the race ahead" instead of doping story.

Anyone says "it's a real shame" about doping story.

add this to the usual "suitcase of courage", "the lights went out", "dancing on the pedals" etc. You should be totally wasted in no time.

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Rather than taking a drink

Throw a dime in a jar each time. If you don't run out of dimes, at the end of the tour buy yourself a new Colnago.
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