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Hey Everyone - since there will likely be no change in the TdF 2009 podium with the final stage, I have reviewed the posted predictions we made, before the start, on this thread:

Vandalbob nails it, predicting all three podium places! Lots of others did well. Many picked Contador to win. Here are the results:

Contador, Schleck, Armstrong

People correctly picking top two:
Pedaltotahoe: 1) Contador 2) Schleck 3) Sastre
B15serv: Contador, A.Schleck, Evans
j3fri: contador, andy schleck, sastre
Moabbiker picked the correct first two places, then updated the pick to be: 1) Sastre 2) Contador 3) Evans. Remember! On multiple choice tests, go with your first impulse!

These ppl picked AC as winner, got another podium place but not in correct position:
jhamlin38: Contador, Armstrong
Cheddarlove: Contador Armstrong leipheimer
roadie92: Contador, Armstrong
lithiapark: Contador, Lance
pedalruns: 1.Contador 2.Lance 3.Menchov
madterken911: contador, sastre, andy schleck
Boneman: Contador, Menchov, A. Schleck

People who had two of three podium correct, only one in correct place:
rs3o: LA third, with AC second (Baso first).

People who had two of three podium picks correct but wrong place:
Zphogan: 1. Lance 2. Contador 3. A. Schleck; THEN updated: 1. Lance 2. Contador 3. Evans. Remember! Go with your first instinct!
Rbosely: Lance, Levi, and Alberto
Squadra: LA, Contador, Levi.
OldEndicottHighway: Sastre, Armstrong, Contador, A. Schleck (nice: nail the top 3 in four guesses)
Ibfeet: Andy Schleck, Contador, Evans
teffisk: 1. Andy 2. Contador 3. VdV

Lots of people picked Contador to be first (no other accurate top-three pick): roadie_490, CreakyKnees, fornaca68, velomoto, steel fan, nicks2192, pedal power, chilliconcarnage, robdamanii, jd3, albert owen, gh1, bubbha70, jokull, somdoosh, toronto-rider, fringale37, DanGerous, thatguyagain, bigmig19, spunout, geardaddy, the weasel, sasquatch, sojourneyman, the moontrane, baker921,

People who got one of podium correct, but not in correct place:

One person had A Schleck in third, no other correct top three picks:
MSH: Levi, Cadel, Andy

One person had Andy Schleck first:
Tetedelatour: Andy schleck 1

Lots of people had Lance first.
Pjay (me) posted in Sept 08, soon after Lance announced. Also picking Lance:
Brentster, nrs-air, loudog, proy, zampano: Gnarly 928, ZosoSwiM

A couple people picked Contador, but not as first place:
Andrew1: Cadel Evans 2. Denis Menchov 3. Alberto Contador
tri-ac: 1) Menchov 2) Contador 3) Evans

**Honorable Mention**
RSPDiver: “Astana team implosion”

CreakyKnees: “Eddie Merckz,” then changed to Contador.

carbon110: “Casagrande, Beloki, Heras”

Circlip: “How is Andy Schleck going to land in a podium spot after losing a cumulative 10 minutes in the ITTs?”

I will figure out the jersey picks later. Enjoy the smooth ride tomorrow!
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