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Saturday morning I headed out nice and early with the kiddos for some road race action. We started off in the rain in Blairsville and then headed over to Brasstown Bald for the nice and sunny finish.

After parking what seemed like a mile from the climb's start, we started the climb itself. My daughters wanted to make it to the top prior to the racers, which we did, and then we headed back down to a spot where they would get a good view and not be worried about being crowded out by other fans. We hiked back down to about the 1.5 km remaining point and waited for the riders.

We weren't disappointed. Not only did we score plenty of Jelly Belly goodies, but my kids caught a couple of cowbells that were tossed out just prior to the riders arriving. By the time the racers made it up to us, they were strung out for plenty of picture taking opportunities.

Pic 1:Tschopp and Hunter 2: Fast Freddie and the others 3: Popo's attack 4: Marking each other
5: Cesar not too far behind 6: Brajkovic 7: Phonak rider 8: Zabriskie and Tschopp 9:Eki and Lowe
10: Van Hecke and my kiddos 11: Manion 12: Hatton 13: Johansen 14: Anthony ... I believe
15: Menzies 16: Rice 17: McCartney and McCormack 18: Freddie 19: Quick Step rider
20: At least we aren't last 21: Sweep time
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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