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Bought some clothing from Team Cyclist back in February but had to return it as it did not fit. After 4 weeks of not being reimbursed, Team Cyclist posted on their website that they have changed ownership. I tried to contact them again this week through the phone number that is posted on their website - it has been disconnected, and there is no email address posted either.

So, be warned if you chose to buy, then have to return, any items through this company.

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Lessons Learned

Thanks to all that have replied and imparted some good advice.

A couple lessons learned to trying to resolve this:

1. By law, any company has 30 days from the date of receiving returned merchandise to reimburse the sender. Team Cyclist's website claims 4 - 6 weeks to reimburse!

2. Credit card holders have 60 days from the date of purchase to dispute credit card charges.

And I'll throw this one in for good measure, the phone number that TC had posted as their customer service number until 5/25 (which was disconnected anyway) has now been pulled off the website. So there is no way to call TC.

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Do a search on them. They are a borderline scam. It took me months to get my money back after taking them to the Colorado Better Business Bureau and reporting them to the Colorado State Atty. General's Office.

Typical Team Cyclist Procedure:

Step 1: Offer A Wide Range Of Products (Many of which have been discontinued for years)
Step 2: Charge Your Credit Card Immediately.
Step 3: Wait.
Step 4: Wait Longer.
Step 5: Notify you that the item is on back order and will take 2 weeks to arrive and offer that you switch to a similar item (of course the prices differ and you will naturally fill the void amount of the original purchase and then some.
Step 6: Wait.
Step 7: Notify you that the products you selected are on back order and repeat Steps 3 to 5.
Step 8: When you try to cancel your order after months of delays they bill your credit card a re-stocking fee for items they never had in stock.

They make money on each transaction whether they deliver or not. They put your money in the bank long before they ship a product or have a product to ship and earn interest on your money while you pay interest to your credit card company. They use bait and switch tactics to get you to purchase more to make up the difference in orders. They make it difficult to cancel and then receive payment for not even delivering. They win you lose.

I once made the mistake of ordering a discontinued item. A year later I went back and saw it was available, so I tried to order again. How's that go... fool me once...?

STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!
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