New Team Plans to Continue Hutchinson-Equipped Tour de France Victories of Teams US Postal, Discovery and More...

Trenton, New Jersey - Team RadioShack has chosen to race on Hutchinson Tires - the most victorious tire of the last eleven Tours de France.

This partnership comes as an extension of a long-standing relationship between Hutchinson and the US Postal, Discovery, and now RadioShack Teams.


Like Fine Wine...

"We are ecstatic to have Hutchinson Tires return to our bikes," states Julien DeVriese, Head Mechanic for Team RadioShack. "They are nearly impervious to flats, and keep our top riders right where they belong - at the front."

Julien is legendary for keeping a stock of Hutchinson Tubulars aging, much like fine wine, in the cellar at his compound in Belgium. "Truly, these tires get even better with time, and are of the finest quality available. No other tire on the market compares, and we've got seven Tour Victories to prove it."


Legendary Race Heritage
Speaking of age, Hutchinson began making bicycle tires in 1890, and quickly recognized the value that racing had on the development of what many believe are the World's Best Bicycle Tires. Legendary racers including Louison Bobet and Jacques Antiquetil started a long string of Tour de France Victories in the mid-1950's.

"There's no better cycling team in the World to be a part of," comments Steve Boehmke, Marketing Representative for Hutchinson NA. "All we heard at the team camp in Arizona was how relieved and pumped the riders and mechanics were to be on our tires. We're proud to be a part of this dynamic team, and can't wait to see them roll down the Champs Elysees in July!"

Proving the Current Range, Developing the Future
The RadioShack Team is using a variety of tires from Hutchinson, including the INTENSIVE 25cm training tire for those long, hard preparatory weeks, and CARBON COMP tubulars for Race Day. Keep your eyes open for developmental ROAD TUBELESS tires to be under the riders as soon as Paris-Roubaix starts in April.

Hutchinson NA Managing Director, Dana Carson adds - "we are proud to announce that we will introduce a Team RadioShack ATOM COMP to our line of tires before summer." The ATOM COMP is the lightest, fastest clincher in the Hutchinson Line at only 185 grams. "This will allow RadioShack fans to ride Team Edition tires while cheering them on in the Tour."

Follow Team RadioShack at teamradioshack.com, and find the latest in bicycle tire technology at hutchinsontires.com...

About Hutchinson
Hiram Hutchinson, an American expatriate, founded Hutchinson in France in 1853 and began producing bicycle tires in 1890.

Starting with the first of Louison Bobet's three Tour de France victories in 1951, legends from Jacques Anquetil to Anne-Caroline Chausson, Nicolas Vouilloz, the Seven-Time Tour de France winning Postal/Discovery Team and current Olympic and multi-time World Champion Julien Absalon have proven the superiority of Hutchinson tire technology.

2010 brings a new level of excitement as Team RadioShack chooses the finest tire technology from Hutchinson in its quest to be the ultimate cycling team in the World.