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I'm new here and was wondering if anyone can tell me the approximate value of a 1989 Tesch S-22 with Ultegra Group (7-sp), 56cm, Mavic GP4 rims, Turbo saddle, Modolo bars?? It's a great bike, but I am thinking of selling it because it is a very quick handling bike and I am currently out of shape and have some back problems. I think that I could use a longer top tube to stretch out a bit.

Here's a picture (I hope)

Maybe I can get this one to show up

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I think Tesch bikes were one of the lightest steel frames out for a little while. I know they're rare and if on the market will command a decent price. I'd be all over your bike myself, but it looks just a bit small for me.

I bet on eBay you could see $700ish for the complete bike, especially as it looks rather nice. Put it for sale in the classifieds here and see what happens.

Also, consider eliciting the opinion of the guys here:
Lots of them know much more than I do about older race bikes.
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