Eurobike 2017 Award Winners

More than 450 brands submitted products for this year's Eurobike awards.​

For 2017, the Eurobike trade show received more than 400 applications for their coveted Eurobike Awards. From there a panel of six judges selected 43 winning products, including 11 gold award winners. Here's a round-up of all the honorees with judges' comments, starting with the gold award recipients.

Gold Award Winner: Van Nicholas Skeiron

Gold Award Winner: Van Nicholas Skeiron: Titanium is among the classic materials for frames and one that is known to send bike fans into raptures. This modern implementation by the Dutch manufacturer with its new Skeiron model also managed to produce an ecstatic reaction from the Award panel: "The market for titanium road bikes may be small, but the Skeiron particularly impressed us with its classic retro design and its unique integration of cables in the cockpit and frame. The price is also extremely attractive for a titanium bike with disc brakes."​

Gold Award Winner: Mokumono Delta

Gold Award Winner: Mokumono Delta: Mokumono from the Netherlands is aiming to revolutionize the manufacturing process with its fully automatic production of laser-welded bicycle frames using aluminum profiles. "The Mokumono has fully redesigned bicycle production, thus increasing added value in Europe and helping to keep transport routes short. We also found the design instantly appealing."​

Gold Award Winner: Focus Project Y

Gold Award Winner: Focus Project Y: With its Project Y, the sporty bicycle manufacturer Focus is showing a new angle for the racing bike market, where members of the Award panel also see great potential: "Until now, the trend towards electrification had largely passed road bikes by. We are convinced that this is set to change with Project Y. The future trend is already apparent in the prototype with its inspired design and integrated evation drive."​

Gold Award Winner: Tucano Urbano Magic Parka

Gold Award Winner: Tucano Urbano Magic Parka: With its functional jackets, the Italian supplier Tucano Urbano is already a highly sought-after brand among motorcyclists. At the Eurobike Award, the Milan-based company was also presenting solutions for cyclists and instantly managed to impress the Award panel. "This really is the Swiss army knife of cycling apparel. Made of breathable material, it features an array of zip fasteners, pockets and thumb loops to effortlessly manage the transformation from all-weather cycling apparel with waterproof knee protection to normal street wear."​

Gold Award Winner: Fazua Evation

Gold Award Winner: Fazua Evation: Integration is currently the magic formula for innovations in the e-bike segment. One company that provides the best possible conditions for this is the young drive producer Fazua: "Fazua is creating an entirely new segment with its evation drive. Motor and battery can be easily removed so that a normal bike remains. Lightweight design and ease of handling are further award winning features of the evation drive. A number of bike producers have already come to the same conclusion and are using the system in their pedelecs - including those intended for the road bike segment."​

Gold Award Winner: Rohloff E-14

Gold Award Winner: Rohloff E-14: The Rohloff hub is a classic amongst bike transmissions which now, in collaboration with Bosch, is entering a new era as an electronically controlled version. "Together with the E-Shift function of the new Bosch drive, the Rohloff 14-speed hub gear now also switches electronically. The new option delivered instant proof in a test ride. This is the result of a cooperation between a major automotive supplier and a small-scale quality manufacturer."​

Gold Award Winner: Adlerwerke Bicycle Carrier

Gold Award Winner: Adlerwerke Bicycle Carrier:
Under the traditional name of Adlerwerke, the bicycle manufacturer of the same name is presenting a new roof carrier, which impressed the judges with its minimalistic approach. "Thanks to the small pad size, this carrier system can be easily fitted to existing support rails. By attaching it to the handlebars and saddle, it provides a quick and low-cost solution for transporting high-end bikes without any risk of damage to the frame. Its overall simplicity is very impressive."​

Gold Award Winner: Durbanis LocLock

Gold Award Winner: Durbanis LocLock: The Spanish Gold Award winner Durbanis demonstrates that the ingenuity of many a solution lies in its simplicity. The Award panel came to the same conclusion: "The LocLock provides a useful incentive for town planners to design more attractive street furniture and improves the infrastructure for urban cycling. The combination of cement for durability and a surface that reduces the risk of damage to frames is a very good idea. With their bright range of colors, these stands also present an interesting opportunity to include corporate design."​

Gold Award Winner: Linka Smart Bicycle Lock

Gold Award Winner: Linka Smart Bicycle Lock: The Linka Smart Bicycle Lock not only looks good but also opens up new application horizons with its Bluetooth and smartphone lock control. The Award panel was greatly inspired: "LINKA has developed an intelligent lock with an exceptionally high quality finish and design, considering the company is still in the start-up phase. It also provides anti-theft protection. The smartphone connection eliminates the need for a key and is ideally suited for bike sharing schemes."​

Gold Award Winner: Påhoj Child Seat

Gold Award Winner: Påhoj Child Seat: The child bike seat by this start-up from the Swedish bicycle center of Malmö can be easily removed from the carrier rack and then used as a buggy thanks to its integrated wheels. "The concept is simply brilliant, and the prototype itself is very impressive. Creating a product that combines child seat and pushchair is a very good and useful idea."​

Gold Award Winner: Rondo Ruut CF1

Gold Award Winner: Rondo Ruut CF1: Rondo has taken the young gravel scene by storm with its optically and technically inspired bike models. And the Award panel was similarly unable to resist the attraction of this start-up from Poland: "Even though still a young company, Rondo produces an astonishingly high quality of finish. What makes the Ruut CF1 so special is the option of adjusting the forks, allowing the rider to adapt the bike for wheel size and terrain. Rondo is thus injecting versatility into the gravel bike segment."​


START-UP AWARD WINNER - Cowboy: Manufacturer: Cowboy - Jury Statement: The Cowboy from the start-up of the same name is an urban pedelec with a cool design simply because of the battery included in the seat stem and the nicely integrated light. It helps to fill an existing gap on the market. Together with the accompanying app, this attractively priced pedelec also offers anti-theft protection and GPS tracking - an impressive all-round package.​


START-UP AWARD WINNER - MTBNB: Manufacturer: MTBNB - Jury Statement: The airbnb concept has already spread to numerous other areas. In the case of MTBNB, it is not only any excellent way for mountain bikers to find the most interesting trails when on holiday but also offers them a chance to make new friends. And of course, it also displays the range of accommodation options.​

Green Award Winner:  Green Compound by Schwalbe

Green Award Winner: Green Compound by Schwalbe: The judges for the Eurobike Award not only observed innovations in the technical development and design of bicycles but also in the sustainability of products connected with the bike. The tires from the new Green Compound by Schwalbe particularly impressed the panel members, who judged it to be deserving of a Green Award: "With its Green Compound, Schwalbe is setting a new standard in the use of recycled materials. It's an important step towards sustainability if existing products that are used thousands of times over can be produced in a greener and more environmentally friendly way. Even used rubber gloves and door seals are now enjoying a new lease of life as bicycle tires."​

Stoll Bike R1

Stoll Bike R1: Manufacturer: Stoll Bikes AG - Jury Statement: This hardtail sets a new benchmark with its radical and systematic design. The frame weighs just 850 grams. We also like the design which is extremely rigid despite the low weight.​

Roadlite CF

Roadlite CF: Manufacturer: Canyon Bicycles GmbH - Jury Statement: Thanks to its sleek design, excellent riding characteristics, low weight and value for money, this crossbike simply ticks every box. It is extremely versatile, being ideally suited for fitness and commuting purposes.​


Cento10NDR: Manufacturer: Wilier Triestina - Jury Statement: In our opinion, a frame compatible with both rim and disc brakes is an outstanding idea. And the Cento 10NDR is an excellent example of how to implement this concept in combination with rear microsuspension for added comfort.​


Gustav: Manufacturer: Schindelhauer Bikes - Jury Statement: In terms of design aspects, the Gustav is an inspired all-round package. We were also impressed by the colour scheme. The well-embedded carrier rack at the front is a new feature in this well-established range of excellent bikes.​

Klever X-Speed

Klever X-Speed: Manufacturer: Klever Mobility Inc. - Jury Statement: Thanks to its special design, the X-Speed stands out from other Pedelecs with rear-wheel drive. We were also impressed by the use of high-quality components throughout and the high battery capacity of 850 Wh. The unisex frame provides a platform for various models.​

Packster 40

Packster 40: Manufacturer: Riese & Müller GmbH - Jury Statement: We very much like the smaller version of the Packster. It is ideal for women who find conventional cargo bikes too unwieldy. We also like the sleek and tidy structure of the frame. Another nice feature is that you have eye contact with your passenger when carrying a child.​

Altitude Powerplay

Altitude Powerplay: Manufacturer: Rocky Mountain Bicycles - Jury Statement: We are thoroughly impressed by the way in which all components have been integrated in the Altitude Powerplay. Together with the other high-quality features, it clearly stands out from other e-mountain bikes thanks to the discreet integration of the motor.​

Paragon Bib

Paragon Bib: Manufacturer: Alpinestars - Jury Statement: We liked the design and versatility of this interesting and specialized product. The back protector can be removed for washing while optional hip protectors can be fitted as required.​


NEO CLASSIC RAIN JACKET "WECHSELHAFT": Manufacturer: BIEHLER Sportswear GmbH & Co. KG - Jury Statement: This garment has a very nice finish. We also like the innovative idea of a packable protective jacket using reflective material throughout.​

Bioracer Cooling Top

Bioracer Cooling Top: Manufacturer: Bioracer - Jury Statement: We were impressed by the cooling function produced by the absorptive effect of this apparel. The zip fastener is an attractive feature for ease of changing.​

D2Z Encapsulator Suit

D2Z Encapsulator Suit: Manufacturer: Endura Ltd - Jury Statement: We were impressed by the good design and the quality of finishing in this suit. An interesting and innovative feature is the use of breathable material for holding the competition number.​


IntelliSeal: Manufacturer: GripGrab - Jury Statement: These high-visibility shoe covers feature an innovative and effective seal around the shoe. The seamless design also makes them very flexible, watertight and comfortable to wear.​

DBX 3.5 Neckbrace

DBX 3.5 Neckbrace: Manufacturer: Leatt - Jury Statement: This very lightweight design now places a key item of safety equipment within an attractive price range.​

STADTWANDLER Sakko / Business Jacket

STADTWANDLER Sakko / Business Jacket: Manufacturer: Lightweight - Jury Statement: This combination of fashion and functionality is an excellent and much appreciated addition to the urban cyclist's wardrobe. It is extremely well-made, weighs very little and features many nice details.​

X-Comfort Zone

X-Comfort Zone: Manufacturer: Louis Garneau Sports - Jury Statement: We like the greater comfort and freedom in critical zones offered by these shoes. A range of adapters allow adjustment to different feet geometries and where pedal pressure makes the foot wider.X-Comfort Zone​

Comete Ultimate

Comete Ultimate: Manufacturer: MAVIC SAS - Jury Statement: This cycling shoe is a true first and a high-end product in every respect. This true feat of cycling engineering has a full carbon shell which it is extremely stiff yet, at the same time, very pleasant to wear.​

Vector 3

Vector 3: Manufacturer: Garmin - Jury Statement: Both the minimalist design and function of this pedal with integrated power measurement are impressive. We also like the fact that, along with the analysis tools, a transmitter is fully embedded in the design. Power values from the left and right pedals can be measured separately.​

GW Switch Lever System

GW Switch Lever System: Manufacturer: GW Manufacturing - Jury Statement: The Switch Lever System is a well-conceived and straightforward solution for thru-axle systems. The idea of attaching a lever to a thru-axle is a breathtakingly simple solution to the thru-axle.​

Crafty Post

Crafty Post: Manufacturer: Leechi Enterprise Co.,Ltd. - Jury Statement: This fully integrated saddle support system with light and number plate is an intelligent way of increasing the options for adjusting seat height. The Crafty Post thus offers genuine added value.​


ROTOR UNO CASSETE: Manufacturer: ROTOR BIKE COMPONENTS - Jury Statement: Weighing in at 135 grams, the Rotor Uno is very light for an 11-speed cassette. This alone justifies an award.​


SUPERNOVA M99 MINI: Manufacturer: Supernova Design GmbH & Co. KG - Jury Statement: Commonly available headlights are often not sufficient for riders of fast pedelecs. This is where the highbeam function of the Supernova M99 Mini helps and brings true progress, while the remote control adds an ergonomic advantage. In addition the design with integrated horn in the brake lever is extremely smart.​

Indra speed pedelec helmet

Indra speed pedelec helmet: Manufacturer: BBB Cycling - Jury Statement: The Indra is the lightest and nicest high-speed pedelec helmet we have come across so far. It not only meets the current standards but also looks good, has a cleverly devised ventilation system and provides 40% more shock absorption.​

ML MonkeyLight 100 Lux Set CONNECT

ML MonkeyLight 100 Lux Set CONNECT: Manufacturer: eurorad Deutschland GmbH - Jury Statement: We find MonkeyLink is a brilliant concept for attaching lights or mudguards to a pedelec. The magnetic fastening makes the system easy to use and guarantees the energy supply from the e-bike battery.​


FLECTR ZERO: Manufacturer: FLECTR - Jury Statement: Products to enhance visibility are always welcome. This stylish product is an attractive way of increasing visibility and is not only very light in weight but also effective, durable and attractively priced.​


PROFRAME HELMET: Manufacturer: FOX - Jury Statement: Enduro riders often take their helmets off when pushing. The Proframe is so light in weight and well ventilated that this is no longer necessary, making it extremely worthy of an award.​


VANQUISH MIPS HELMET: Manufacturer: Giro - Jury Statement: This state-of-the-art helmet impresses with its excellent design that meets all aerodynamic requirements. We liked the snug fit of the visor, which can be easily repositioned in fading light.​


BH51: Manufacturer: LIVALL - Jury Statement: We very much like the look of this stylish helmet with rear lights for added visibility. Bluetooth connectivity is excellent and the sound is barely audible to by-standers, allowing riders to remain fully aware of noises from their surroundings.​


E-GLOVE2: Manufacturer: RACER SAS - Jury Statement: This is certainly one way to make winter biking much more appealing. We found the instant comfort from the easy-to-operate heating system soon dispelled our initial concerns about the size of the attached batteries.​

OPOSSUM: Multi-functional thermal child and childseat cover

OPOSSUM: Multi-functional thermal child and childseat cover: Manufacturer: TUCANO URBANO - Jury Statement: This is a completely new concept for year-round cycling comfort. It comes in a very sturdy design and features an extremely cosy interior so that, despite sitting still, children will not get cold. It is also waterproof and functions as a rain cover when not in use.​