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In less then a year I have owned 2 $1k+ road bikes, not because I wanted too but because it was necessary. First was a allez that I found out this year didn't fit me and I needed to grow about 5 inches, bought it before I knew what a "fit" was and the LBS assured me it was my size. After riding close to 1000 miles so far this year and the pain never stopped. I found another LBS who took their time adjusting my old bike as best they could without changing parts out. I decided it was time to cut my loses and get a new one. Sold my allez to a friend and bought this beast, did a quick stem swap this weekend and now I know what the term fits like a glove, really means. The shop that I got my Masi from is top notch, nothing but props to them.

Pictures were taken before the new stem.

Masi Gran Corsa

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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