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My special recipe for suck:

1. ride hard on the weekend, mix in a generous dose of outside work after the ride in high heat and humidity. Add beer and too little water.

2. Wake up early, really early, monday morning and take dog to dog park. Add a small breakfast, and sprint to work because you dawdled making too small of a lunch.

3. Drink a bunch of coffee because you are tired, drink too little water. Work hard all day.

4. Add in monsoon rains and wind. Ride home. Add a beer and too little water.

5. Tuesday repeat but add a killer head wind.

Results should be as follows on Tuesday evening:

  • good power for about 2 miles
  • making do for about 4 miles
  • shaky and wobbly for 3 mile
  • selling your soul for a draft, rejoicing in your decision to have a 42T chainring, watching the tenths of miles tick off and counting down to home, gripping your bar tightly...ever so tightly, imagining the bag of cheezits that are in the pantry...just inside the door...bag clipped with that little pink clip from IKEA...mmmm, abandoning all pride for that final mile
  • spending every last calorie, pushing open that gate and collapsing into a chair on your deck as you are attacked by your dog who has not brought the cheezits to you, to finally get you up your driveway

Ever have one of those days?
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