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By virtue of being a bike geek to the hilt I am about to get (yes for free!!) an old "Schwinn Tour". That's all I know besides it used to belong to my friends dad who is about my size so it should fit me well enough. My plans are to strip my old Al road bike and put the components on the schwinn for touring. I have always wanted a steel frame for touring.

My first question, is it true that schwinn put strange size wheels on their bikes? I've come across some old schwinn cruisers that have strange wheel size, will this be the same story? Furthermore, as a roadie I want to put 700c wheels on everything including my bike hauling truck (probably won't happen though). If I do put 700c wheels on this frame the brakes won't fit, is there any way around this problem? Long reach caliper brakes? Where should I find these things?

Secondly, how do you hang a new derailure on these bikes? They don't exactly have a modern hanger system. Oh well, I have all summer to figure these things out. Thanks for any advice.
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