For 2010, the LUNA Pro Team, arguably the most successful woman's mountain bike team on the planet, will be sporting Lazer Helmets, in arguably the most experienced helmet company on the planet.

Lazer, the longest-running helmet manufacturer in the world still in activity, is the result of 90 years of experience and passion. With a history in the helmet business dating back to the year 1919, Lazer Helmets NV, with headquarters in Antwerp Belgium, designs, manufactures and markets its bicycle, helmets in more than 40 countries, over 5 continents. Lazer's objective has always been to find an excellent synergy between design, comfort and technology.

Watch the LUNA Chix bikers Catherine Pendrel, Katerina Nash, Georgia Gould, Danelle Kabush, Shonny Vanlandingham and Amy Dombroski confidently tune the thumb wheels on their feather-light Heliums' Lazer-patented "Roll-Sys" Retention system before their events. This accurate and progressive peripheral sizing adjustment device ensures the safety and performance these world-class athletes demand.

Lazer's aerodynamic time-trial helmet, the Tardiz, will certainly enjoy Personal Record (PR) times atop the heads of top Ironman athletes Tyler Stewart, Terra Castro and Cathy Chesky. Look for Ironman champion Tyler Stewart to "Think: Time-Trial outside the Box" with her Tardiz on her way to the Olympic velodromes in 2012.