CycleLife USA To Set The Gold Standard For Customer Service, Training and Care For One of America's Oldest and Now Fastest Growing Recreational Activities

Washington, DC --- As November brings political change to Washington, D.C., another positive move in the Capitol District will be occurring that will forever rearrange the landscape of how recreational cycling and physical fitness is viewed. On November 13, CycleLife USA, the first lifestyle community dedicated to support and enrich the individual and the collective healthy lifestyle that the simple act of riding a bicycle inspires, will open its doors.

CycleLife is a 2-story, 12,000 square foot facility on the shore of the Potomac River in the historic Georgetown area of Washington D.C. which brings under one roof the most complete array of services, equipment and amenities ever put together, and delivers them to cyclists with a level of customer service that is closer to a luxury European resort than a Main Street bike store. While some major bicycle retailers in America have broadened their offerings and offer more than simple retail, no facility comes close to offering what is the heart of CycleLife: Best-in-class equipment and apparel; professional-quality maintenance and service; computer-aided fitting, fitness testing, training and coaching; a broad range of classes, rides, seminars and advocacy activities; and a completely unique, membership program that combines social activity, creature comforts and personal service second to none.

"Our facility will be the standard by which not just recreational cycling, but by which multipurpose recreational athletic facilities will be judged in the future," said CEO Michael Sanchez. "We have spoken to the best in cycling, exercise kinesiology, training and social responsibility and have come up with a facility that addresses the needs of anyone who has ever ridden a bike, from the child starting out to the thirty-something looking to get into shape to the weekend warrior or professional racer. CycleLife will have it all not just as a facility, but as a lifestyle brand first for the Capitol District and then for the country."

CycleLife is the brainchild of a retired naval admiral, a serial entrepreneur and technology executive, an architect and a software sales executive who saw both the growing interest in cycling as gas prices soared and the wonton need for more physical fitness growing in the American consciousness. Out of that arose the vision to create a wholly unique cycling business and facility that addressed the needs of every level of rider in a setting that looks high tech but embodies community.

While the use of bicycles is so pervasive in American society that researchers find it hard to establish the exact number, the most recent major survey on the subject (undertaken by the U.S.D.O.T. in 2002) found that more than 57 million Americans over 16 rode a bike at least once that summer, a total of nearly 28% of the adult population. The number of bicycle users is estimated at well over 60 million today; with more than 1 million American adults reporting that they use a bicycle for their daily commute to work. Factoring in the emerging populations where bike riding is understood as a necessity outside of the United States, the inconsistent price of gas, and the need for all Americans to be both more active and more environmentally conscious, and the birth of CycleLife USA came as a natural, even in the toughest of economic climates.

The CycleLife USA facility in Washington, DC is just the first of many things to come as the brand emerges and defines a healthy lifestyle and sense of community centered around cycling. CycleLife has already created cycling lifestyle or racing events with partners like the Washington Nationals and ING DIRECT, Inc., and more are planned in the near future.

The trend in America is towards more cycling in our national lifestyle: CycleLife USA will be the leader in enriching that healthy and green approach to transportation and fun, all with a dash of 21st century technology and good old fashioned exercise.