Specialized Creo SL Highlights

  • Lightest production e-road bike on the market
  • Fits 700 x 42mm or 650 x 47mm tires
  • Full fender and gravel adventure-ready
  • Available in four different configurations, including EVO Gravel
  • Optimized motor output rewards good pedaling practices
  • Customizable motor settings via Turbo app
  • Price: $9,000-$14,000
  • Availability: late August 2019
  • Visit Specialized.com for more information

It all started in Switzerland

In 2017 Specialized opened an office in a former paper mill in Cham Switzerland - arguably at the center of the e-bike world. The facility solely focused on Turbo development, advanced engineering, and connected technologies. Secretly working on ways to create an e-road bike that would not only ride like an agile, high-performance steed but also reward proper cadence and ability. The new Turbo Creo SL is the culmination of years work between the Swiss and California teams in efforts to create an e-bike that roadies and gravel lovers worldwide will appreciate.



Specialized build the Turbo Cero SL on the idea that electrification allows riders to experience the best the terrain can offer. Now jumping in with both feet, today Specialized releases four different builds of its new Creo SL and Sl 1.1 Motor.

Creo Frame breakdown:

The Creo is the lightest e-road bike currently in production - with the S-Works weighing in at a svelte 26 lbs. Now, I know that sounds heavy for a road bike, but it's nearly 10lbs lighter than the closest competition. This weight reduction and refinement come from many places, but it all starts with the frame. The chassis of the Creo is full Specialized FACT 11 carbon with the Turbo SL 1.1 motor (more on that later) built sleekly and neatly into the downtube and bottom bracket. The frame design and motor design are all from the ground up - allowing the team to keep Cero and SL motor open to fit the application correctly. This design enables Specialized to get the weight down while keeping a classic frame shape with lots of clearance (think Diverge clearance) for big tires and big fun.

The Specialized Creo SL frameset can fit a 42mm tire on a rim that is roughly 20.7mm wide (measuring with the Roval C 50). In efforts to make the Creo SL a do-it-all frame, the Cero SL fits 650b wheels with a max of 47mm and comes full fender ready so you can take on the slushy training or commuting days with confidence.

To accommodate the more massive tire clearance and create symmetry with the front and rear axle, Specialized uses "road-boost" spacing (12X110) which allows the fork to remain stiff under braking torsion and load. The rear dropouts are standard boost 12x148. All Creos come with the Roubaix crushing Future Shock 2.0 that delivers a smooth ride that you can lock out easily and keep a soft hands on the long gravel roads ahead.

Specialized SL 1.1 Motor

Built by the Swiss Turbo lab - the Specialized motor rolls with the idea that its best for the rider to adjust and tune the power and ride as they see fit. By creating and developing the motors themselves, Specialized controls the updates and as well as service intervals and update as they see fit. The motor itself has 124 different parts and has nearly two years of field testing before it rolled to manufacturing.

Key motor features:

  • 2x you - max power assist at 240watts (35NM)
  • Full magnesium casing for a super lightweight build
  • Very high motor efficiency
  • Built-in power meter
  • Smooth and silent power application
  • Power curve rewards higher cadence (60-110 RPM)
  • Assists up to 28 mph with very natural decoupling
  • Four Assist modes: Off/ECO/Sport/Turbo

Battery life and Range Extender:

The SL 1.1 boasts an extreme battery range and handily lives up to the claim. With the standard battery in the frame, a rider will get nearly 80 miles of range (320 Watt-hours). With the new 40 watt Range Extender that fits into the water bottle mount, that same rider can go for 40 more miles and some depending on mode. Another nice add on with the range extender is that you can now take your e-bike on the plane. Most airlines do not allow the bigger batteries like the fully integrated style you see on the frame, but you can travel with just the range extender and Turbo your vacation. Also, if you're looking to lighten up the ride, you can run just the range extender and lighten the bike up to 11kg!

Turbo App: Power Management

This battery life and mode management are controlled easily through the Specialized Turbo App. The app acts as a battery and power management system and can tell the rider how much ride time they have left or will update the bike via Bluetooth to conserve battery life to ensure a charged ride home.

The battery also controls modes and the amount of wattage and power achieved in each. For example, you can dial your ECO mode to use 30%-60% of the watt power - which means when you step on the gas the bike will roll at an anticipated rate, allowing the rider to have more natural reactions to the added power. The app also allows the rider to diagnose the current state of the bike, tune and record rides all in one place.

Builds and pricing:

S-Works Turbo Creo SL

The classic Creo road build comes with Roval CLX 50mm tubeless carbon wheels, Pirax Carbon crank, Future Shock and arrives in a Di2 Dura-Ace and XTR mix.
  • Price: $14,000
  • Weight: 26lbs

Creo SL Expert

The workhorse build comes with Roval C 50mm Carbon wheels and Future Shock 2.0 and but receives a Di2 Ultegra and XT mix and 46 tooth alloy crankset.
  • Price: $9,000
  • Weight: 28.2lbs

Creo SL Expert EVO

The gravel and adventure build arrives with a larger gear range, New adventure bars with a wider sweep and a dropper post for sending on the single track. The wheels are the same Roval C 50mm wheels as the above but are paired with Specialized Kanza winning Pathfinder tan sidewall tires. Available in full Ultergra and XT
  • Price: $9,000
  • Weight: 29.8lbs

S-Works Founders Edition (limited to 200)

No stone unturned to make this bike faster and cooler - Available in full Dura-Ace, XTR with lots of Ceramic Speed goodies. This edition is prepared to go fast and turn heads when you pull up to the coffee shop ride.
  • Price: $17,000
  • Weight: 24lbs

Sizing and availability:
  • All Cero SL bikes are available in Small (49)- XXL (61)
  • The geometry suggests a similar stack and reach to the Specialized Diverge.
  • Availability: Now
  • *XS coming soon.
For more information on Turbo and Specialized Creo check out: Specialized.com