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... was out tooling around on Sunday and while it was closed, decided to stop by the oldest shop in town and snap a few pics....

... of course, the shop is now a museum and part of the Aviation Trail National Park... but it is a restored Wright Bicycle shop (they had several over the years) in it's original location (a couple of shops were actually moved... one going to Dearborn Michigan...argh).

This building is located in a severely economically depressed part of town, but is part of a revitalized neighborhood (when I was young, this was the place to be) that includes restored period housing, new housing built on the period theme (historic district where many of the existing homes were purchased for a dollar pursuiant to restoration) and the old Paul Laurence Dunbar home (poet and friend of the Wrights).

There is another relocated shop within the city at Carillon Park... but this one carries more of the flavor of the times due in part to the natural setting.

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Visited last summer

I was in Dayton last summer for a court argument. My eleven year old daughter came along for the trip. After the argument, I went searching for any Wright Brothers' sites and found my way to the shop and adjacent museum. I enjoyed the visit greatly and it really sparked my daughter's interest in the flight centennial. Thanks for posting the pics.
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