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Today I left the house early. It has been warm and for some reason I just got out early. Not sure if the heat or the thought of the heat had anything to do with it at all but I digress. I headed out on my usual path towards work. Everything was as it has been for the last 3 years of commuting the same path. Same bumps, same sand in the corners, same light timing.

Getting near work I found that there was an odd thought welling up in my back brain. It was a recurrent thought "go explore" "go explore". Slowly it came to the forefront of my mind and looking down at my garmin I noticed that I was still 20 minutes shy of 8am so spur of the moment I hit the brakes and headed south. I initially jumped on a designated bike route, but soon was shunted through some back neighborhoods, through the Target/Home Depot parking lot and then off into a bike lane with rush hour traffic.

Continuing south I stayed with the bike lane until it abruptly ended at an overpass interchange. Lamenting this decision I stopped and viewed my options. Hmmm, none but go forth or head back. Trying to embody the spirit of Lewis and Clark I hopped back on my bike, awaited a gap in traffic and jumped around the first entrance to the overpass. Skimming the curb I sprinted around the corner and under the first overpass only to come across a bike lane materializing out of thin air. Whew! Gladly I put tires to the road and continued my sojourn south.

I finally ended up at the Aviation Bike path; a wonderful separated 2way bike path that goes from downtown to nowhere but thankfully I was on it and a-heading downtown. The sound of sullen and angry cars emanated from behind the block sound wall but I was coddled by large mesquite and palo verde trees, lizards and birds, runners and cyclists. I bypassed all the traffic knotted at off ramps, cross 2 pedestrian specific overpass and dropped into a historic neighborhood near my office.

I finally pedaled down the bumpiest road that I have ridden in awhile and to my office, crossing a few major thoroughfares and riding on a sidewalk or two to get there.

All in all an extra 4.5 miles 20 minutes and a path less travel that will now become a path more often traveled.
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