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As mentioned in another thread, I was poking around a pile of crappy old bikes behind a friend's barn this weekend. Among the ancient rusting Schwinns and Huffys was a Tange steel framed Nishiki with a Shimano 600 drivetrain. It had some surface rust but I thought that with some sanding, painting, and rebuilding it would be a nice road bike for my son. I was particularly attracted to the distinct, ornate lugs on the Nishiki frame.

I contacted the owner and he said I could have the bike, so I went down there yesterday to pick it up. Unfortunately when I turned the bike over I found something ugly. First, the old 600 rear derailleur was corroded so bad that it was completely seized, and almost certainly junk. But worse was an old kick stand that had been bolted to the bike and clamped down so hard that it was actually crimping the chainstays. This caused extreme rust at one of the underside crimp spots, nearly penetrating the tubing. I determined that the frame would never be safe to ride, and resigned it back to the weeds and the elements.

So sad. It had been a really nice bike at one point, but it was ruined by a silly kickstand. :(
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