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The sad state of

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After having not been over there for a couple of months, i decided to take a look. Can you believe this thread?:

Really, now-4 days and nobody has told this guy that you can't cold-set the dropouts on an aluminum frame? And this question came from a "senior member"?? How long do you think it would take to be told the sad truth if he had posted that question here?

Well, I guess that's what has become-a hangout for no-nothings that just want to be nice to each other. Yeesh!!
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It's not the format, it's the people.

There are many forums out there, but compaired to this one, in my opinion, they're mainly crap. There are a few that are alright, but none that are as interesting as this one. There are "flame" forums, and there are "geek" forums. There are "tech" forums, where people split hairs all day, and there are forums where every question is a dumb one. Don't get me wrong, silly questions have their place. How else are people supposed to learn things if they aren't held up for public ridicule.(just like on the road)
You have to be able to understand English

as opposed to the American language. The other members are telling the guy he is an idiot for even considering putting a 135mm hub in a 120mm frame but are doing so in a very polite gentile English sort of way. It is clearly an UK based forum with all the pounds and Tyres.

Having worked with a few English blokes they tell you that you are an ahole or idiot in the nicest ways. (I know from personal experience)
Instead of giving this guy a hard time behind his back on another forum. Why did you not just post a helpful reply to his query?
The only way this guy is going to learn is by being given the correct information from someone who knows.
That was what I was wondering!!! You take the time to dipsarage the other forum here yet not to help the guy out and give him some advice while you were over there. That's pretty sad.
Let me set a few things straight here:

Firstly, that forum is an american-based forum, not british. Most of the people using "english standard" language are british, but the moderators are nearly all american-and clueless.

Secondly, yeah, the guy's out of his league if he's trying to fit a track hub into an ATB. I'm surprised nobody has asked him why he wanted to do such a thing in the first place.

Lastly, I no longer post there because of disagreements I had with one moderator (I'll refer to here as the "post nazi") just over such posts. I told someone once that he was crazy to consider some ill-advised idea (I belive this particular person was going to "upgrade" a 30 year-old gas-pipe peugeot with D/A 9-speed components), and the "post nazi" threatened to have me banned. She siad that we had to be "sensitive to other peoples ideas", or some such new-age crap. This comes from a person who last summer actually had to ask why she couldn't get her pedal off (She was treating them both as right-handed). I told her where to stuff it, and left.

No, sorry, I don't care if I "disparage" that forum (and, BTW, I never "disaparaged" the poster-just the quality of advice that came from that lame forum, so don't get your knickers in a twist) since they brought it on themselves. I politely told everybody when I left that, if they needed good advice, to come here.
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