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Rabobank – Kang and Kodos
Michael Rasmussen is nothing if not a misunderstood alien. Freaky-looking, too. But like these outer-space invaders who are constantly foiled in their attempts to take over the earth, Rabobank’s best-laid plans are destroyed year after year. Last July, it was Rasmussen’s spectacular explosion on the final time trial, where he crashed twice, changed bikes three times and diapers four, and lost not one, not two, but four spots, slipping from third overall to seventh. He’ll need an alien mind-erasing ray to forget that disaster. Even when they win, they don’t really win: Denis Menchov finished second to Roberto Heras last year in the Vuelta Espana, only to be told weeks later that he’d won as Heras was DQ’d for doping. But organizers couldn’t even officially call him the winner until months later, once Heras’ case had been decided.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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