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Derailer said:
Well, I've started seriously riding again, which for me means riding 3 teams a weak on club rides that spit me out the back, and either mountain biking or doing recovery rides the other 4 days of the week.

I took a long break over the winter for no good reason, but my goal right now is to get back in shape as soon as possible, so I can hang with my usual group, which has been averaging about 20 mph. I'm finishing the same rides up around 18 mph. What usually happens is that I hang with the group for the first 1/2 of the ride, then blow up, and have to ride home with the stragglers. BTW, this is the B group, where I live.

I rode yesterday on my own, with a heartrate monitor. I tried to keep my heartrate around 135, which is supposed to be my zone 1 heartrate based on a rough estimate for someone my age. I was surprised at how much effort that required. I also noticed that my hamstrings seemed to get tight before my quads would. This has actually been happening a lot, and I don't know why. Am I doing something wrong, or does it sound like a basic fitu issue?

I'd also appreciate any newbie training tips y'all might have. I'm eating less, and riding more, so I'm sure I will see improvement, but of course, I'd like to optimize that improvement. Thanks in advance.
No magic here, but a couple of comments.

Going fast until you blow will make you faster than going at a pace you can do for the whole ride. Keep going back.

The HR estimate from age, etc. doesn't work for individuals. You need to find your own training metric. With HR, I found that my best choice was to find the rate at which my breathing went from breathing hard to gasping. I then used that as am approximation for Lactic Acid Threashold (LT). Then pick up Friel's book "Cycling Past 50" )same guy that wrote the "Cyclists Bible", but much easier to use), ignore the part about over 50 (unless you are) and use whatever of his plan applies to your needs.

Don't forget recovery, both on a macro (day off/easy) and micro (hard, recover, hard, recover....) scale. Half of cycling stength is recovering.

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