Local racer Carl Hesslein began his cyclocross career at the Stomach Churn back in 2005. Now he races on the US National Pro circuit

The upcoming "Stomach Churn" cyclocross race, being held in Northern California town of Arcata, is about as low key and grass roots a race as you'll ever find. The entry fee is $5 to cover insurance, plus either a toy for Toys For Tots, or dog/cat food for Miranda Animal Rescue. In its decade+ of existence this event has become a local tradition to mark the end of the bicycling season, with the post-race barbecue and beer being as much a part of the race as the racing itself. In the spirit of silliness "cross-dressing" is also encouraged, and rewarded, with the best racer in cross-gender attire being awarded with a pair of Kenda tires. Also traditional are the race awards, usually something hand-made and very sought after. The day ends with a post-race raffle, where a several hundred dollars in cycling related goodies (tires, grips, clothing, etc.) are doled out to the racers.

"Stomach Churn" bicycle cyclocross race.
Contact: Vic Armijo (707) 845-3095
Date: Saturday, December 5, 2009
Location: Aldergrove Rd., Arcata
Time: 10:30am 30-Minute race, 11:30am 60-Minute race

The first race is at 10:30am. It will go for 30-minute plus one lap. At 11:30am the 60-Minute plus one lap event begins.

The 1 mile course, features two long sections of narrow, meandering trail; a too-steep-to-ride section, and a few 100-yard sections of fast, bumpy ground with a few dismount barriers tossed in for good measure.

This race is open to riders of all ages and abilities. While most riders will be 20-somethings and 30-somethings, expect to see riders in their teens and younger, and a few (though they hate to admit it) who are of Social Security age. Among this charity event's many sponsors are Revolution Bicycles, Advenure's Edge, Figuereido's Video, HealthSPORT, Kenda Tires and Hammer Nutrition. For more details Contact Vic (707)845-3095.