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Wanted to let those in Toronto know that our documentary, The Way Bobby Sees It, is playing at the Bicycle Film Festival on Saturday (6/21) at 3pm at The Royal
(608 College St. West). It is sure to make you bite your nails off and stay glued to the screen!!

Here is a description of the doc:

The Way Bobby Sees It is a gripping documentary about Bobby McMullen, a competitive mountain biker on a mission to race the most difficult downhill course in the country. Adding to the difficulty: Bobby is blind.

With the help of a guide and a rigorous training schedule, Bobby is determined to race his bike down a course riddled with obstacles and flanked by steep, life-threatening cliffs. But, the racecourse isn't the only challenge in Bobby's life. Between thrills, spills and jaw dropping helmet camera footage, we see how Bobby uses humor, determination, and unshakeable optimism to battle adversity - both on and off the bike.

I know this is a road forum, but this movie is compelling to those who don't bike at all.

If that isn't enough, here's some quotes from those who have seen it:

"A powerful documentary." Decline Magazine
"The documentary takes the viewer on a heart-stopping ride and an inspiring journey."
"Wow. Get it. Watch it. Trust us."

For more info about the movie:

Bike Film Fest:

Thanks for the support, Poison Oak Productions
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